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Brickwork Repair

Ground movement, inadequate lintels, stress cracking around openings and lack of expansion joints can all lead to structural cracking in brickwork and other masonry structures.

If left un-repaired, this cracking can lead to serious structural defects and potentially the requirement to rebuild at a future date. Broadlands offers a range of proven solutions to these and other structural problems, which are;

  • Practical
  • Cost effective
  • Effectively redistribute structural loads and stresses
  • Restore structural stability

Following many years carrying out structural repairs to brickwork and masonry structures, Broadlands provide a complete turnkey package solution to a range of structural repair problems.

Brick Stitching/Crack Repair

Brick stitching and crack repair solutions are based around the insertion and fixing of stainless steel reinforcing bars into the brickwork. The number, size and location of the reinforcing rods is determined by the cause and extent of the failure.

Expansion Joint Formation

All structures should be designed to incorporate a degree of building movement. Where large panels of brickwork have been formed without allowance for expansion, there is the likelihood of cracking occurring. This can be overcome through the insertion of a remedial expansion joint into the structure.

Brickwork Support

Frequently brickwork infill panels are supported on a concrete nib projecting from the structural frame of the building. Where this nib fails, there is a requirement to support the brickwork panel. This can be achieved through the use of either brickwork support angles or brickwork support anchors. Please contact us for further details.

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