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Wall Tie Replacement

According to the British Research Establishment at least 2 million properties suffer at some stage from wall tie corrosion or complete failure and are in need of specialist remedial wall tie replacement.

This problem can sometimes be made worse with poor supervision or quality control on site during construction. This can lead to insufficient wall ties being used. The absence of wall ties or their irregular spacing will ultimately affect the structural integrity of the wall or building.


  • Inadequate galvanised coating.
  • Chemical reaction where black ash mortar is used.
  • Irregular spacing.
  • Poorly installed at construction stage.


  • Horizontal cracking.
  • Outward bulging of the wall.
  • Lifting of roof edges.
  • Internal cracks.

Replacement Ties

Each property is surveyed using a metal detector and boroscope to identify their condition. If additional remedial ties are required, Broadlands will select from a range of stainless steel mechanically fixed/resin fixed wall ties. This will take into account the type and condition of the masonry/structure.


Recent Projects

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Green Street London

Installation and testing of SLS (Safety Ladder System) - JC Decaux

Bedford School

Shear testing - SDC Construction


Shear testing - Square Foot Construction



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